Model: BORIS Diplomat Computer Chess (Bd-I)
Manufacturer: Applied Concepts, Inc.
Year: 1979
Est. ELO rating: 1200
Levels of play: 1
Type: Calculator
Powered by: AC adapter or 6 AA batteries
Serial number: 000977

BORIS Diplomat Bd-I

This model has the computer and a small peg chess set in the same unity. Peg pieces are used to visualize the moves but they are not connected to the computer i.e., it's not a sensory board. You can enter a time limit per move for the computer. From the manual: "BORIS Diplomat can perform deeper analysis, up to four moves ahead for each side, if you give him more time using his built-in 100 hour timer". You can check the earlier model, the plain Boris here.
BORIS sales and service center was located in Garland, Texas, USA. I also saw a reference to this computer as being produced by Chafitz, Inc. of Rockville, MD and that the original selling price as being US $120.00

This unit has the name Boris Bd-II but the manual and the computer is exactly the same as the Bd-I, except that this unit was sold in UK. The box is different as well as the color and you can see the two units side by side:

Their motto was "Boris is King"

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