Model: Byte XD-300
Manufacturer: Splice (Industria Brasileira)
Year: late 70s early 80s (?)
Est. ELO rating: n/a
Levels of play: 7
Type: Board with keypad / calculator
CPU: Z80
Powered by: AC adapter

Xadrez Eletronico Byte XD-300 (Electronic Chess Byte XD-300). This is a very special unit in my collection. That's the only chess computer that I have found that was made in Brazil.

I got this one from Brazil and it only had the box and computer. No power adapter, manual or pieces. Also, it was not working.
After almost two months of frustration, several operations and some late night Franksteinian experiments, I finally got it to work!
This was only possible because of the sacrifice of a Fidelity CC7 but that sacrifice will never be forgotten! It turns out, the XD-300 is really a South American clone of the CC7! There are some minor differences, for example, the pads between the keypad and the sensors underneath the board are very different giving a different feeling when you press the keys. Not better or worse, just different.

Also, it uses a true speaker instead of a piezo beeper (CC7) so when it beeps, you HEAR IT! There's no volume control but you can turn the sound off. I still have to play a full game on it but here are the pictures!

I would really love to hear from someone who worked at Fidelity about this computer as I have a strange feeling it may have been an unauthorized clone.

I've been trying to scour every place for more information on this computer but even the people I've contacted in Brazil don't know about this model. If you have any information on this computer or the company, please contact me!

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