Model: Chess Challenger 7
Manufacturer: Fidelity Electronics
Year: 1979
Est. ELO rating: 1200
Levels of play: 7
Type: Board with keypad / calculator
CPU: Z80A 4 MHz
Programmer: Ron C Nelson

Fidelity Chess Challenger 7 (CC7)
This was the first time a dedicated chess computer became a success, selling around 600,000 units. It seems it was so successful that it even caused Fidelity to make major changes in its production factory. They moved from Chicago,IL to Miami, FL in the 1980's.
The program was a tweaked version of the same code used in the CC10.
The seven (7) levels have the following response time according to the manual:

Average Response Time
1=intermediate 5 seconds
2=experienced 15 seconds
3=advanced 1:20 minutes
4=mate in 2 20 minutes
5=postal chess 24 hours
6=excellent 6 minutes
7=tournament 3 minutes

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