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Here I have my chess computer collection. If you have one that you would like to sell please feel free to contact me. Also, the information here is accurate to the best of my knowledge. If you see any inaccuracies please contact me. If you need a copy of a manual that I have feel free to drop me a line. Also, if you're new to collecting chess computer, you will find helpful information here. Read on!

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Ismenio's Chess Computer Sets

Note: Click on the pictures to view a high resolution image - some pictures are over 400Kb but you will be able to see the details of the units. I've put one page per computer so that I can dedicate more information for each one, rather than having them all in one place.

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My current list (Company - Model):

Applied Concepts - BORIS
Applied Concepts - BORIS Diplomat (Bd-I)

Commodore ChessMate

Conchess - Conchess Ambassador

DataCash / Staid - CompuChess

Excalibur - Chess Station
Excalibur - Cutlass 118E
Excalibur - Glass Electronic
Excalibur - Deluxe Talking Touch Chess (Chessica)
Excalibur - Mirage (Robotic)

Fidelity - Chess Challenger 1 (CC1)
Fidelity - Chess Challenger 3 (CC3)
Fidelity - Chess Challenger 7 (CC7)
Fidelity - The Classic (CC8)
Fidelity - Sensory Chess Challenger 9
Fidelity - Sensory Chess Challenger 10
Fidelity - Sensory Chess Challenger 12
Fidelity - The Excellence
Fidelity - Gambit
Fidelity - Designer 1500
Fidelity - Designer 2000
Fidelity - Phantom 6100 (Robotic)
Fidelity - Phantom 6126 Chesster (Eyeball) (Robotic)
Fidelity - Fidelity Chess Card
Fidelity - Fidelity Micro Chess Challenger
Fidelity - Eldorado 6119
Fidelity - Mini Sensory Chess Challenger MSC
Fidelity - Voice Sensory Chess Challenger
Fidelity - Voice Chess Challenger

Mattel - Computer Chess

Mephisto Exclusive - Mobil - Module MM IV
Saitek - Kasparov Shadow (hand held)
Saitek - Mephisto Touch Screen Travel Chess
Saitek - Calculator Chess
Saitek - Mephisto Travel Chess

Milton Bradley - Phantom Chess Computer (Robotic)
Milton Bradley - Grandmaster (Robotic)

National Telecommunication System Ltd - Sphinx Chess Voyager CXG-202 (Portachess)
Sphinx ChessCard

NOVAG - Constellation 3.6 MHz
NOVAG/Videomaster - Chess Champion MK1

Radio Shack - Pocket Chess Computer 1450
Radio Shack - 4 in 1


SciSys Chess Partner 2000

Splice (Brazilian)

Splice - Xadrez Eletronico Byte XD-300

Tasc R30 (Smartboard + Chess Computer)

Accessories - Novag Chess Printer

Honorable mentions:
Novag Robot Adversary
Excalibur Talking Robotic Chess

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NOVAG Chess Printer (a gift from a collector from England! Thanks Mike :)

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"Honorable Mentions" - the ones I don't have and would like to!

Novag Chess Robot PictureNOVAG ROBOT ADVERSARY (Robotic Chess)

I don't have this one. But I wanted to list it here for reference as I haven't seen much details on this model on the web. If you have this model and would like to sell it, please contact me at: contact@ismenio.com

This is the Novag Robot Adversary. As you can see it used a robotic arm to move the pieces and something interesting that I was able to gather is that when the computer lost, it would "threaten" you with the arm and make noises as to show its anger! :)

Year: 1982
Processor: Z80
Programmer: David Kittinguer
Opening book: 5500
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Unreleased Robotic Chess

Model : Talking Robotic Chess 740
Manufacturer : Excalibur Electronics
Year : n/a

ELO Rating: n/a

It seems it has been in development for many years now and from what I have heard they canceled all production :(

I contacted the manufacturer and here's the response I got:

Date: 05/24/2004

Dear Mr. Sousa,
 Thank you for your email regarding the Excalibur Electronics product series. Unfortunately, the Robotic chess model will not be put into production and will not be available for the foreseeable future. Please feel free to contact our website in the next few months for product updates.
 Customer Service
 Excalibur Electronics, Inc.

Here's part of an advertisement for this product:

Like a real human opponent, Robotic Chess talks and moves its own pieces! All other chess computers require you to make moves for both armies. But now Excalibur Electronics after years of research and a partnership with the University of Hong Kong brings you the world’s most sophisticated chess computer! Its 500-word speaking vocabulary, powerful play, teaching features, and more than 100 selectable levels make this the choice for chess players of any strength from masters to beginners!
The selling price was listed as $499.95
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