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The purpose of this site is to share information about chess computers and collecting them. Feel free to participate with suggestions or comments and I hope you will benefit from the data that is provided here. I started this when I couldn't find most of the information myself. Either it was not available or it wasn't in English or it was hard to get to. So I decided to share the little I've learned with the entire world to keep this fascinating hobby alive. If you have a correction, by all means, feel free to send it to me and I'll update the site and give you the credit, unless you wish to remain anonymous.
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NEWS UPDATE! The Documentary DVD about dedicated chess computers (electronic chess) has been officially released! Check the DVD page for details on how you can obtain a copy!
DVD - Chess Computers Revolution

Ismenio Sousa [Email:
] (Tambem falo Português)

Worldmap of chess computer collectors and enthusiasts! Using Google maps technology you can find them and add yourself to the map: http://www.frappr.com/chesscomputers

Also, a page dedicated to help you being a victim of eBay scams, especially the ones featuring the Tasc chess computer can be seen here:
eBay Scam!

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Where to now?

Browse my personal collection. I have models from Conchess, Novag, Fidelity, Mephisto, Mattel, Milton Bradley and others. I also have some robotic chess like the Phantoms (including the Phantom 6126 Chesster Eyeball) and you can even watch videos of them.
Here are some of the models: Fidelity Phantom, Conchess Ambassador, Fidelity Chess Challenger 1 (world's first consumer chess computer), Mephisto Exclusive, Fidelity Chess Card, Excalibur Mirage, Novag Constellation 3.6 MHz, Novag Solo, Staid Compuchess, Boris, Tasc, etc.

Start collecting!

Tips for collecting chess computers (or, So you want to be a chess computer collector? or Everything you wanted to know about collecting chess computers...)
Here you have basic information about the hobby, how to start, where to buy them, things to look for, etc.

Talk about it! Ask questions, share the knowledge!
Forum, discussion board. A place for collectors and anyone interested in chess computer to talk freely and discuss ideas, post for sale and wanted items, trade computers or simply chat! You don't have to be a member to read or to post but we encourage you to join us!

ChessComputer Forum
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How much?
My eBay watch list. I keep track of some chess computer auctions on eBay and here you can have an idea about the price and how often they show up on eBay. Also, you can see spikes and fluctuations and some comments on these auctions. If you're not sure about how much a computer is worth, this may give you some guidance.

 Check our eBay list page containing current chess computers for sale! Always updated!

Do you want the smartest chess computer ever?

You can own the World's Strongest Dedicated Chess Computer Module! Ruud Martin has created the Resurrection Module that can be used in Mephisto boards and it has won competitions even against  the Tasc computers!
More information here.

08-25-05 all units have been delivered. See page for details.

The best overall system!

Possibly the best chess computer ever created, the Tasc Chess System (Dutch)  is still a top unit even after many years since the company went out of business. Here you can revisit their site (and even download information) as it looked like in the 90's. Over 90% of the information is available in this archive. Please note that all information may still be copyrighted and owned by Tasc. I am only providing a mirror of the site for historical purposes.

Information about the companies

Fidelity Electronics

Here you can see a list of the Fidelity Chess Computers and Parts that you could order (two Fidelity catalogs)

Mephisto (Hegener & Glaser)

Some information about the Dan & Kathe Spracklen team, including a video interview from 1985

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

External links. Recommended!


My wanted list

    If you have a chess computer you want to sell, please contact me.

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