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This is a simple page with tips and information for those who want to start their Chess Computer collection.
Hopefully you will be able to learn something from my mistakes and the little experience I've got so far in my endeavor.
Please, keep in mind that these are suggestions only based on my humble opinion. Again, my only goal is to share information.
Also, I am not responsible for the use you make of the data contained here, just a standard disclaimer ;)

Ismenio [ Email: contact@ismenio.com 
] I also speak Portuguese (Tambem falo Português)

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The first consumer chess computer was released in 1977, the Fidelity Chess Challenger 1 and to this date we still have companies releasing dedicated units. They are facing fierce competition from the combo PC+software but there are still those who prefer to play against a dedicated machine and those who are interested in collecting dedicated units. If you're reached this page I'm assuming you have an interest in this! So here are some tips if you're starting this new hobby:

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