Model: CONCHESS Ambassador
Manufacturer: CONCHESS
Year: 1984?
Est. ELO rating: 1600? (standard module)
Levels of play: 12
Type: Auto sensory  - LEDs on each square
Processor: 6502A / 2MHz
Programmer: Ulf Rathsman (Sweden)
ROM: 24K
Dimensions: 40x40x3.5 cms
Made in Ireland

Conchess Ambassador - This is a beautiful (mahogany) wooden / electronic chess with auto sensory board. It's so natural to play with it since you don't have to press down the pieces on the board. The wood pieces have magnets and the board has the switch sensors so all you have to do is move the pieces as you would normally do. The LEDs on each square indicate your move as well as the ones for the computer and there is a nice sound feedback which is just at the right pitch and is not annoying.
It has the concept of modularity where you can upgrade / replace the computer module (cartridge) under the board (see pictures).
This one has two slots and the manual indicates that some units may have just one to comply with local requirements for some countries!
My module / cartridge has the number A0004357 on it.
The manual indicates that it was the champion of the 1984 World Micro Computer Chess Championships. That was likely with a module more advanced than the one I have.

Many owners report  problems with the reed swiches in the form that some squares stop registering moves after some time.

Each square has a diode, a LED and a reed switch. Below is what they look like inside the Conchess:

This is how the reed swtich works: two contacts are constantly separated until a magnet pulls them together "registering" a move.


The levels of play are divided into:

5 tournament
5 instruction and practice
2 problem solving and analysis

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