ChessComputers.org is happy to make available an independent DVD documentary about chess computers, covering their history and the hobby of collecting them. It's called Chess Computers Revolution. It was released on April 18, 2007. It also marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the Fidelity Chess Challenger 1, world's first commercial chess computer.

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The DVD is available for free but if you want to make a voluntary donation to cover costs (media, box, shipping, etc.) I will be happy to accept it. Keep reading to find out how to place an order.

Thank you in advance for your support and for your interest in this project.

What our viewers are saying
    These are just a few unsolicited comments I got from those who watched the DVD and I'm reproducing them here with their permission. I want to publicly thank them and all the ones sending their messages.

Yes, wonderful DVD I had to watch all the way through, unfortunately getting into trouble with the wife for not doing the dishes!!
In common with the first commercial chess computer in it's 30th year Ismenio, you have also produced the FIRST chess computer DVD.
Terry Garrent - England
Ismenio, Great work!

Ruud Martin - The Netherlands
Superb DVD! Thank you for all the hard work in producing this chess computer dvd. I have watched it all and enjoyed it so much.

Mark Podlesak - England
I want to congratulate you for your terrific job with the DVD! I liked it very much; you did great with all the editing and mixing sounds and also as presenter and director! Overall I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one "crazy" about these computers.

Aristides Capizzano - USA
Hi Ismenio,

Thank you very much for your wonderful dvd. I am absolutely inspired.

Michael Völschow (Micha - chessguru) - Germany

DVD details:


- 16 Chapters easily accessible via menus
- Exclusive interviews!
- Ruud Martin - Creator of the Resurrection chess module
- John Dutton - Former USCF Employee
- Sue Winkler - Former Fidelity Employee
- Overview of the history of the creation and development of dedicated chess computers
- Quick overview of some chess computers, including the Tasc R30 and some rare models
- A look at websites and collections for all over the world
- The fascinating chess playing robots
and more!

Mini FAQ:

Q: Why did you do this?
A: Simple answer, because no one else did! Being that it has been 30 years since the first chess computer was released and I couldn't find any documentary related to this, I decided to try something and this is my humble contribution to fill that void. Also, I tried to present the information in a format that should be appealing even to those who are not very interested in the subject.

Q: Why don't you put it on Google Video or YouTube?
A: Because I am aiming for quality and viewing experience. Video sharing sites like YouTube have to convert videos to a format that is suitable for streaming over the web but the quality is limited. Also, the final video, being 1h53m is several gigabytes in size (>9) and converting it would take a long time before I could even have it in a size that those sites would take. Plus it is just easier to watch on a DVD player with the convenience of menus.

Q: Can I make copies to share with my fiends?
A: No. That is about the only request that I make. Since I am making the DVD available to anyone, free of charge, there is really no reason for anyone to make copies for others.

Q: Why not?
A: I think it is only fair that I reserve that right, and it is a simple request. By having folks come to me to get the DVD, it helps me see the level of interest in this subject and based on that I may consider future projects like this.

DVD menus

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