Model: Cutlass 118E
Manufacturer: Excalibur Electronics
Year:  1995
Est. ELO rating: n/a
Levels of play: 72
Type: Pressure sensory / peg 

Excalibur CutlassModel 118E - Nice travel chess with peg sensory board and LCD. Uses 4 AAA batteries. It comes with extra pieces and has an Advanced Teach Mode that has 5 different modes:
1 - Kings and pawns
2 - Kings, queens and pawns
3 - Kings, rooks and pawns
4 - Kings, bishops and pawns
5 - Kings, knights and pawns

Excalibur says that on level 1 a ten year old can beat it and level 72 beats 80% of all chess players.
100 Pre-programmed book opening positions

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