Model: Deluxe Talking Touch Chess (Chessica)
Manufacturer: Excalibur Electronics
Year: 2004
Est. ELO rating: 2000 (according to the manufacturer)
Levels of play: 136
Type: LCD / Touch screen
Book openings: 32

Excalibur Deluxe Talking Touch Chess - Model 404D. (404D-150905-01) This one has a female voice. Thus the name, Chessica. I has a nice screen and the pieces are quite visible and easily recognizable. I like the display better than the one on the Mephisto LCD one.

The levels of play are divided into: Beginner Level Type, Fixed Time Level Type, Ply Level Type and Mate, Sudden Death Level Type, Tournament Level Type and  Solver Level Type. It will rate you.

The openings are:

1. Ruy Lopez, Open Defense
2. Ruy Lopez, Zaitsev Defense
3. Ruy Lopez, Exchange
4. Scotch Game
5. Scotch Four Knights
6. Giuoco Piano
7. Two Knights Defense
8. Four Knights
9. Petroff’s Defense
10. Sicilian Alapin Variation
11. Sicilian, Najdorf Variation
12. Sicilian, Dragon Variation
13. Sicilian, Keres Attack
14. Caro-Kann Defense
15. Panov-Botvinnik Attack
16. Caro-Kann Excahnge Variation
17. Queen’s Gambit Declined
18. Lasker Defense, Queen Gambit Declind
19. Queen Gambit Declined Exchange Var.
20. Slav Defense
21. Queen’s Gambit Accepted
22. Nimzo-Indian Defense, Classical Var.
23. Nimzo-Indian Defense, Rubinstein Var.
24. Semi-Slav Defense
25. Queen’s Indian Defense
26. Queen’s Indian Defense, Petrosian Var.
27. Bogolubow Indian Defense
28. Catalan
29. Gruenfeld Defense
30. King’s Indian Defense
31. Modern Benoni Defense
32. Benko Gambit

Click here to hear it speaking!

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