Model: Mini Sensory Chess Challenger MSC
Manufacturer: Fidelity Electronics
Year: 1981
Est. ELO rating: 1300
Levels of play: 4
Type: Peg / Pressure sensory

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Fidelity Mini Sensory Chess Challenger MSC. Interesting electronic travel chess. It is very easy to recognize the pieces, unlike some modern peg sensory travel chess where you can sometimes mix up the bishop and the pawns. You can chance levels during play and the computer has a random response mode to make each game different. You can also chance sides during the game. Interestingly, it had support for modules so you could upgrade it. Some of the modules would also allow it to play checkers, reversi anb mini go-moku. It also has a speaker and can solve mate in 2 problems. Level 4 is for problem solving.

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