Model: Fidelity Phantom 6100
Manufacturer: Fidelity International
Year: 1988
Est. ELO rating: 1835
Levels of play: 24
Type: Pressure sensory  - robotic arm under the board
CPU: 65C02 5 Mhz
Programmer: Dan & Kate Spracklen
Opening library: 12,000 positions

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Fidelity Phantom Chess Computer 6100.  (Robotic Chess)
This is pretty much the Phantom from Milton Bradley with a few enhancements and a couple of things that changed that I personally didn't like.
Fidelity bought the rights to the Phantom chess computer from Milton Bradley (MB) (see above). They added a stronger chess program, and LCD display and some more features. However, with the Phantom from MB, you could start playing as soon as you turned the computer on. It would still adjust all the pieces but you didn't have to wait for that. In this version from Fidelity, you have to wait until the computer adjusts all the pieces before you can start playing. That takes around 50 seconds or so.
Also, when you capture a piece, the version from Fidelity doesn't adjust your piece to ensure it's tidily in the square. The version from MB will do that.

The pictures below are of a same model 6100 except for the collors. It has the green lettering and a black and white board. It was purchased in March 2005 and it came from a warehouse. Because of its condition, I believe this unit was never used. The unit still had a sticky plastic covering the board! I almost didn't want to remove it but I had to test it. It was so clean, the motor sounded so smooth and the complete internal packaging so neat that it's hard to think that it was not a new unit that was just never sold! Even the way the power supply cord was wrapped seems to be the way it came from the factory! I didn't even let it play a whole game and repacked everything.

Note: the ELO rating I use come from tests performed by other collectors using some standard tables and tests but for this model, Fidelity got an USCF Expert Rating of 2100! You can see that seal on the box.

Fidelity Phantom Videos (with sound):
Phantom adjusting pieces when you turn it on (1:00min - 8Mb)
Phantom replays the "Game of the Century" (5:00min - 79Mb [MOV file])

"Game of The Century"- New York (New York Rosenwald) 1956
White: Donald Byrne
Black: Bobby Fischer
Nicknamed "The Game of the Century" by Hans Kmoch in Chess Review.

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