Model: The Excellence (Model 6080)
Manufacturer: Fidelity International
Year: 1985
Est. ELO rating: 1801
Levels of play: 12
Type: Pressure sensory board
Book openings: 3,000 positions (selectable)
CPU: 65C02 (NCR) at 3 MHz
ROM: 128Kb
RAM: 16Kb
Programmers: Dan and Kathe Spracklen

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Fidelity The Excellence. The manual also describes this one as Model EP12. Fidelity estimates the ELO rating as 2000. In runs on an A/C adapter or 4 "C" batteries giving 100-250 hours of play time. It thinks during opponent time and can display the depth search in number of moves. You can cancel the computer's opening book if you want to. A feature I don't quite understand. Levels 10-12 are for solving mate problems in 2, 3 and 4 respectively. Level 9 is the infinite mode with no limit in the response time.

It carried a 90 day warranty.


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