Model: Voice Chess Challenger
Manufacturer: Fidelity
Year: 1979
Est. ELO rating:
Levels of play: 10
Type: Calculator/keypad - board with magnetic pieces
Book openings: 40 positions
CPU: Z80 (8-bit)
ROM: 96Kb
RAM: 32Kb
8K are used for the voice system

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Fidelity Voice Chess Challenger (model VCC). The manual claims infinite levels but it is actually 10 levels from CL-1 to CL-9 and then CLH, which is the infinite one where the computer thinks without limited time (you can stop the search). It has a very robotic voice. You can turn the voice off. Level 1 is for beginners and levels 6 and 7 are for tournament, being 6 for practice and 7 for tournament teacher.
There is a test program that can be used for diagnostics and to confirm the machine is working fine.
This is one example where we can see the many "names" for Fidelity. The manual states "Fidelity Electronics", the warranty card says "Fidelity Computer Products", but it is the same company.

Click here to hear the VCC  speaking!

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