Model: MB Grandmaster
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
Year: 1981
Est. ELO rating: 1450
Levels of play: 12
Type: Pressure sensory  - robotic arm under the board 

Milton Bradley Grandmaster Chess Computer (Robotic). Other than the name, there's no difference between this model and the MB Phantom. It seems that the same model was sold in 3 countries under different names: MB Phantom in England, MB Grandmaster in the US and MILTON in Germany. I added a video which shows a feature found in all these models (except the Excalibur Mirage) where the computer will show you all possible (legal) moves for any given piece. The other models that are also robotic and can move the pieces that I have are the Fidelity Phantom and the Excalibur Mirage.

Video: Grand Master showing legal moves for a knight  (0:55min 6.9Mb)

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