Model: MB Phantom Chess Computer
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
Year: 1983
Est. ELO rating: 1450
Levels of play: 12
Type: Pressure sensory - robotic arm under the board

Milton Bradley Phantom Chess Computer. This is my favorite one. This is a robotic chess. What sets this model apart from other chess computer sets is the fact that it moves its own pieces, unassisted! You can watch a Phantom Chess video here!
It even adjusts your pieces when you move them, if you don't place them tidily within the squares!

How does it do it? The pieces are magnetic and a robotic arm under the board moves them. It can even play against itself. I have videos you can download to see it. The videos have sound.

The company that produced this model, Milton Bradley Electronics is no longer in business. It's now part of Hasbro. Still in the 80's, Fidelity International bought the rights to the Phantom and released a follow up model called Fidelity Phantom (see below).  Fidelity International is also no longer in business. But there is a familiar name associated with electronic chess called Excalibur Electronics (http://www.excaliburelectronics.net/indexNEW.html) Excalibur  Electronics was founded in 1992 by Shane Samole. His father, Sidney, owned Fidelity International. Excalibur also released a model that moves its own pieces, the Mirage.

This one was sold in England.
As I write this, there are no models being sold today with the ability to move the pieces automatically.

Some Features:
- 12 levels of play
- Problem solving
- Coach mode
- Take back
- Computer can play against itself
- Legal moves - where the computer can show all valid moves for any given piece

Phantom Chess Videos (with sound):

Phantom against human (1:50min - 14Mb)
Phantom plays against itself with close ups (3:04min 23.4Mb)
Phantom plays against itself-2 (2:56min - 22.4Mb)
Phantom resetting pieces after a game (1:24min - 10.7Mb)

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