Model: NOVAG Constellation 3.6MHz
Manufacturer: NOVAG
Year: 1984
Est. ELO rating: 1705
Levels of play: 8
Type: Pressure sensory
CPU: 6502 3.6 MHz
Opening library: 3,000 positions 

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Novag Constellation 3.6Mhz.
This is a beautiful sensory board that is very sensitive. It can compute 24 moves ahead and solve mate-in-12 problems. The program is a 16Kb one and it also incorporates the CMOS chip technology for energy saving. It has a blitz and tournament level. It runs on 6 1.5V C batteries or you can use an A/C adapter. It can play 40 moves in 2 hours. It has take-back and hint features.

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