Model: Chess Champion MK1
Manufacturer: Videomaster / Novag
Year: 1978
Est. ELO rating: n/a
Levels of play: 6
Type: Pressure sensory 

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Videomaster Chess Champion. Made in Hong Kong. You can change the level of play during the game. It will always plays black.
Interestingly, it does accept illegal moves and the manual acknowledges that! It says:

"Since the computer is programmed to follow the rules of International Chess, it assumes that the player will obey the same rues. IF YOU ENTER AN ILLEGAL OR IMPOSSIBLE MOVE, THE MACHINE WILL ACCEPT IT AND COMPUTE THE BEST REACTION TO THIS NEW SITUATION"

The uppercase sentence and bold are from the manual. Something else that's interesting is that it has a randomizing function to make the computer play differently when confronted with the same position.

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