Model: Kasparov Chess Shadow
Manufacturer: Saitek
Year: 1990
Est. ELO rating: 1600
Levels of play: 16
Book openings: 400
Type: LCD
CPU Speed: 2MHz
ROM: 7,74 kByte
RAM: 0,176 kByte
Powered by: Batteries - 4 AAA

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Saitek Kasparov Chess Shadow. This is a hand held model endorsed by Gary Kasparov, thus the name. You play by using the main 5 keys to select the piece you want to move and where you want it moved to. Interestingly, there are some shortcuts, or common moves that are pre-programmed and you can easily execute them with just a couple of keystrokes.
You  can also get information about what the computer is thinking, i.e., the analysis, take back moves (up to 6 ply), show the legal moves for any piece and you can adjust the contrast and turn the sound off. It is capable of underpromoting. There are levels for fun play and problem solving.
Other Features: teaching, position evaluation, handicap-levels, long term memory

Here's a letter from Kasparov, from the manual:

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