Model: Mephisto Travel Chess
Manufacturer: Saitek
Year: 2003
Est. ELO rating: 1200
Levels of play: 64
Type: Peg / Pressure sensory

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Saitek Mephisto Travel Chess. Peg sensory travel unity with LCD.
64 playing levels: Fun, Casual, Blitz, Bronstein, Bonus Timer, Tournament, Fixed Depth and Tactical. 16 stored opening systems, 14-move takeback and 11 teach modes. Chess Clock, and protective cover. Runs on Two AAA Batteries. Measures: 7" x 4" x 1.25"

Keys: 14
LCD Display: Viewing area 18 x 9 mm
Sound: Piezo-electric buzzer
Batteries: 2 AAA/AM4/R03 (1.5V)
Power Consumption: 10 mW
Dimensions: 176 X 100 X 35 mm

Moves in Openings Coach
Square / Name Moves
A1 Italian Opening e2e4, e7e5, g1f3, b8c6, f1c4, f8c5
A2 Two Knights Defense e2e4, e7e5, g1f3, b8c6, f1c4, g8f6
A3 Spanish Opening e2e4, e7e5, g1f3, b8c6, f1b5, a7a6, b5a4, g8f6, e1g1, b7b5
A4 Sicilian Defense e2e4, c7c5, g1f3, d7d6, d2d4, c5d4, f3d4, g8f6, b1c3
A5 French Defense e2e4, e7e6, d2d4, d7d5
A6 Caro-Kann Defense e2e4, c7c6, d2d4, d7d5, b1c3, d5e4
A7 Scandinavian Defense e2e4, d7d5, e4d5, d8d5, b1c3, d5a5
A8 Alekhine’s Defense e2e4, g8f6, e4e5, f6d5
B1 Queen’s Gambit d2d4, d7d5, c2c4, e7e6, b1c3, g8f6, c1g5, f8e7
B2 Queen’s Gambit Accepted d2d4, d7d5, c2c4, d5c4
B3 Nimzo-Indian Defense d2d4, g8f6, c2c4, e7e6, b1c3, f8b4
B4 Queen’s Indian Defense d2d4, g8f6, c2c4, e7e6, g1f3, b7b6
B5 King’s Indian Defense d2d4, g8f6, c2c4, g7g6, b1c3, f8g7, e2e4, d7d6
B6 Gruenfeld Defense d2d4, g8f6, c2c4, g7g6, b1c3, d7d5
B7 Dutch Defense d2d4, f7f5, c2c4, g8f6, b1c3, e7e6
B8 English Opening c2c4, e7e5, b1c3, g8f6, g1f3

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