Model: Sensory Chess Challenger "9" (Model SC9)
Manufacturer: Fidelity Electronics
Year: 1982
Est. ELO rating: 1600
Levels of play: 9
Type: Pressure sensory
CPU: 6502B 1.6 MHz
Programmer: Dan & Kathe Spracklen
Opening library: 3000 positions

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Fidelity Sensory Chess Challenger 9. US Patent # 4,235,442, The opening book has nearly 3,000 positions. Takes back up to 15 moves.
One feature I like on this unit that even some modern ones don't have is the ability to turn off the beep or it can be set to signal only the computer's move. It thinks on the opponent's time. Hint feature and a book practice mode where it will play any line in the book, not just the good ones. This was a very important machine because of its strength and it also had the ability to use different modules that you could purchase separately.

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