Model:Voice Sensory Chess Challenger (VSC)
Manufacturer: Fidelity Electronics Ltd.
Year: 1980
Est. ELO rating: 1300
Levels of play: 7
Type: Pressure sensory

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Fidelity Voice Sensory Chess Challenger - model VSC. This has a very distinctive 70/80's robot voice. The carrying case comes with a key.
It has a random play feature where the computer selects a random move from the good ones it has found. It could be hooked up to a printer. It anounces mate in two. You can turn the voice on and off and control the volume (high or low). You can also limit voice anouncements to illegal moves and check warnings. It has a built in chess clock and you can set uyp the time to play.

It comes programmed with 64 of the world's greatest chess games. In the manual you can actually see a list of the book openings for 3 levels: Master practice, Average tournament play and Social club play. It also lists the 64 greatest games with comments as to why they are considered great games.

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