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Ismenio's eBay Auctions Watch Page Last update: 08/29/05 This is just a sample of some chess computers that I had the chance to keep track of on eBay. This should help you have an idea of the average current price for these items. Also you can see some spikes that are totally artificial. Information on some of these units can be found at the site

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Model Sale Date Price US$ Country Comments
BORIS Diplomat 01/05/05 21.00 USA Missing manual, box and some pieces

03/20/05 1.85 UK Complete (even with warranty card)

08/07/05 7.73 USA Complete

BORIS (wooden case) 01/04/05 102.95 Germany Complete

02/09/05 15.15 USA Complete

02/18/05 4.69 USA Complete. NON WORKING UNIT

02/26/05 13.90 Germany Missing pieces and power cord. Non working?

03/12/05 203.50 USA Complete with the box (buyer was visitor to the site, an original Boris owner - not a collector at the time)

07/26/05 9.99 USA Non-working. Otherwise complete

Conchess Ambassador 12/13/04 221.93 Germany Standard module. Missing box

12/15/04 284.22 UK Standard module. Missing box. Manual was a copy

01/09/05 701.70 UK Standard + “L” module. Complete

08/04/05 309.33 Germany “T” module. Missing pieces and no box shown.

08/14/05 210.74 Germany With box. Standard module

Excalibur Mirage 02/03/05 706.00 USA Complete - ** extremely high price ** Originally sold for about $300 and some have been auctioned in 2004 for an average price of $150

02/10/05 460.00 USA Complete. Still a high price

02/20/05 460.00 USA Complete. Still a high price. Deja Vu? (same seller!)

03/29/05 621.00 USA Mint. Still very high price

08/28/05 363.00 USA Min. Rare marble model.

DDR SC1 08/06/05 324.12 Germany With original carrying case

Fidelity Phantom 6126 11/02/04 810.00 USA Missing box and manual. Dust cover in poor condition

12/05/04 2,012.00 USA Complete ** extremely high price ** Originally sold for $600. One collector estimated its value as $750 (01/05)

02/03/05 1,703.00 USA Complete same comments as the unit above

03/28/05 1,245.00 USA Missing dust cover. Still very high price

04/06/05 550.00 USA Untested unit. Only the board. No pieces or power adapter or anything else

Fidelity Phantom 6100 01/01/05 1,027.75 USA Complete. High price. Average prices in 2004 = $500
Note: the dust cover was 01/17/05 725.29 Germany Seller didn't list box or anything other than the unit
Optional for these models 01/17/05 597.99 USA Complete. Good example of a reasonably priced unit

01/23/05 999.00 USA Complete

01/24/05 565.00 USA Missing box. Not original pieces. Magnetic wooden pieces from a Novag Emerald Classic Plus.

02/22/05 500.00 USA Complete

02/27/05 455.00 USA Complete. Note this was a green lettering model

04/04/05 150.49 USA Untested unit. Only the board. No pieces or anything else

04/14/05 130.00 Canada Untested unit. Only the board and power adapter.

08/02/05 380.00 USA Missing pieces, manual and adapter. Untested.

08/12/05 543.00 USA Complete with dust cover, boxes, etc.

08/23/05 810.00 USA Missing external box. (W/ boxes for pieces and caps)

Fidelity Chess Card 03/14/05 47.27 USA Missing box (included a book: Chess in 30 min)

Fidelity Chess Challenger 1 02/02/05 357.00 USA Missing box and manual

02/04/05 760.72 USA Missing pieces. With box and manual also with letter from Fidelity plus the return of the warranty card

03/28/05 545.00 USA Missing pieces. With box and manual

04/05/05 501.65 UK Complete

07/29/05 299.00 USA Complete (unique unit with “blue” manual and plastic pieces that match the ones on the picture of the box)

Fidelity Chess Challenger 3 01/27/05 137.50 USA Missing 2 black pawns and 1 white pawn. Box in rough shape

02/17/05 143.61 USA Missing manual and external box

Fidelity Chess Challenger 7 01/23/05 6.50 USA Complete. Great price!

01/26/05 1.84 USA Missing only the manual. Another great price!

01/26/05 3.75 UK Missing manual, box and pieces

01/28/05 14.93 Germany Complete

02/04/05 100.00 USA Complete. Extremely high price!!

04/15/05 20.50 USA Complete

Fidelity Chess Challenger 10 01/25/05 78.77 USA Complete

Fidelity Chess Challenger 12 02/10/05 142.53 Germany I didn't see a box but the text seems to indicate it was complete

Fidelity Designer 2000 12/29/04 32.31 USA Complete

Fidelity Elite A/S 03/20/05 457.99 Germany Included the printer. Missing manual and box

Fidelity Elite Premiere 01/22/05 1,345.00 USA Included the printer. Seems like only the box was missing

Fidelity Elegance 6085 08/07/05 86.00 USA Just the board. No pieces, adapter or manual. Non working?

Fidelity Elite Avant Garde 03/12/05 420.85 UK Missing box and with some problems. 3 switches missing the plastic cover and one LED stays always lit

Fidelity Excel 68000 08/03/05 211.39 USA Complete

Fidelity Micro Chess Challenger 01/13/05 32.00 USA Complete

01/30/05 27.90 Germany Complete

Fidelity Mini Sensory Chess Challenger 01/23/05 3.24 USA Complete

Fidelity Sensory Voice Chess Challenger 02/15/05 387.00 USA Complete

Fidelity Super Sensory 9 08/08/05 523.22 USA Missing box

Mattel LCD Computer Chesss 01/25/05 4.19 Australia Missing manual and box

07/31/05 100.23 USA Complete

Mephisto Bavaria 07/19/05 2,512.86 Germany The description said “announcement not working” and it seems the adapter was missing

Mephisto Exclusive (MM V mod) 01/08/05 423.51 UK Complete. Mint condition

Mephisto London 68030 04/10/05 2,172.92 UK Complete. With Munchen board and Genius Eprom (i.e., seller had two Eproms)

Mephisto Munich (MM IV mod) 02/26/05 463.24 Germany Complete. Looks like only the box was missing

Milton Bradley Phantom 05/05/04 509.79 UK Complete

01/15/05 431.37 UK It seems only the box was missing, maybe the crowns

02/25/05 298.45 UK Complete. NON WORKING UNIT

Milton Bradley Grandmaster 01/06/05 1,000.00 USA Missing dust cover (lid). Very high price!

02/07/05 99.00 USA Missing only the box and dust cover.

11/02/05 405.00 USA Missing box.

03/20/05 230.00 USA Missing manual. With dust cover. Good price!

04/06/05 835.00 USA Missing box. Very high price!

Milton Bradley “Milton” (German version of the Phantom) 01/16/05 687.96 Germany Complete with a great extra: one additional dust cover (lid)

Novag Constellation Expert 01/02/05 324.00 USA Complete. Mint condition

Novag Robot Adversary 12/24/04 4,137.55 Germany Complete with printer. Seller mentioned the arm wasn't working 100% and it could be that it needed lubricated. Highest price ever paid for a chess computer on eBay to date!

Novag Super Expert 96K 12/09/05 645.00 USA Complete

Novag Super VIP 01/03/05 62.75 USA Missing foldable board and magnetic pieces

Saitek Risc 2500 07/31/05 207.78 UK It seems only the box was missing

07/30/05 645.78 Germany 2Mb version. Missing box

Sphinx Chess Card 12/07/04 73.67 UK Complete

03/28/05 23.97 Germany Missing box

Tasc R30 10/24/04 2,388.92 UK Complete – v2.5

02/05/05 1,499.18 Germany Missing box and one LED reported as flashing without apparent reason (from time to time)

02/13/08 2,088.25 Germany Complete – v2.20 (Program: The King)

02/13/05 1,500.81 Germany Missing box – R30/SB30 – LED on d8 flashing without apparent reason (same problem from unit 02/05/05?)

Tryom CC 700 03/09/05 7.67 UK Missing manual

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