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Resurrection of the Mephisto Modules

Information about Ruud Martin's custom Mephisto modules

NEW 06-02-05 - You can now replay Resurrection games! Games against Mephisto, PCs and Novag computers:
Game #1
Game #2
Game #3
Game #4
Game #5
Game #6
Game #7
Game #8
Game #9
Game #10
Game #11
Game #12
Game #13

05-14-05 - The Resurrection module is being delivered!!!

5/15/05 - Here are the first pictures we have received from one of the first owners! Only 12 people are getting them at this time. Enjoy them and many thanks to Christian and Martin for sending the pictures!

You can see in ELO lists where chess computers have been independently tested that the highest rated units are the Tasc Chess Systems. Below is a sample list of 3 top rated dedicated chess computers:

Now there is a new module for Mephisto boards that has reached an ELO of 2433! (Based on the BT2630 test). This module was designed by Ruud Martin from the Netherlands and can be used in 3 of the Mephisto boards: Exclusive, Munchen and Modular.

This is the greatest development in the Mephisto chess computers world since the company was bought by Saitek!

Please noticed that I do not have any business relationship with Ruud. I am providing this information, with his approval, to share it with those interested in this module. Therefore, you will have to contact Ruud for ordering information.

Technical details:
ELO Rating: 2433 (BT2630 Test)

Please contact Ruud directly for price information and payment details: Ruud Martin [ ruud.martin@wanadoo.nl ]

Availability: The module is expected to be ready around March 2005 with two possible updates still in 2005. Updates will be sent via email.

Warranty: Please note that Ruud is an individual making this project available to chess computer enthusiasts, therefore the warranty is limited

Features: This module also has features not seen in other original Mephisto modules:

In the future, there is also a chance that the module will support BlueTooh as an option to the serial link

Here's a picture of a Mephisto Exclusive board with Ruud's module:

Close up on the module:


Please note that the Mephisto Bavaria can NOT be used for this project

Features that may be available later in 2005:
New: 03-16-05 - Here's a picture of the new casing, the Phoenix!

In a few weeks I believe Ruud will be able to start delivering them.

For more details please contact Ruud directly.

I encourage you to support this project, especially if you have one of the beautiful Mephisto boards that are supported. You will have the strongest chess computer in the world and a module that is upgradeable!

Thanks for visiting and come back for more updates!

Best Regards,

Ismenio Sousa [ Email: contact@ismenio.com ]

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